1. Provider will send client intake forms and insurance information to us.

  2. After we verify the insurance benefit information (e.g., whether their insurance is in effect, amount of deductible, co-pay and co-insurance amount, etc.) and secure initial pre-vertification for services (if necessary), this information will be relayed to you. This way, you will have clear expectations for payments at the first visit. However, please note that verification of benefits is not a guarantee of payment.

  3. On whatever timetable you prefer, complete a log sheet of client sessions and fax it to VIBE, or we will pull claims from EHR software being utilized. Be sure to include payments received from the patient, so that patients are not unnecessarily invoiced for money they do not owe.

  4. Upon receipt of an insurance Explanation of Benefit (EOB), which accompanies your payment from the insurance company, we can enter the data, complete the accounting for patients, and avoid re-submitting claims unnecessarily to the insurance company.

  5. After entering the charges and payments into our database, when there are balances due, an invoice will be forwarded to the patient or other designated Responsible Party for payment.

  6. You will be billed monthly for services rendered on your behalf. Payment is expected within 30 days of billing.​


Services provided

  • Electronic billing to insurance companies

  • Verify benefits & eligibility

  • Provide benefit information to providers & clients

  • Follow up on denied and unpaid claims

  • Monitor co-pays, deductibles, and payments

  • Bill responsible parties monthly

  • Generate patient account data

  • Create customized billing forms and invoices

  • Timely data entry

  • Update insurance benefits

  • Generate monthly financial reports for providers

  • Respond to patient account inquiries

  • Coordinate patient payment plans​​